Bereavement Handouts

Stephanie Sabar, MSW, LCSW

Normal Feelings During Grief

(Stephanie Sabar)

 What We Need During Grief
(Author Unknown)

 If you cry,...
(Judy Tatelbaum)

 Levels of Loss
(Sr. Mary Agnes Sermersheim)

 Every Loss Has a Gain (Diagram)
(Stephanie Sabar)

 Shattered Assumptions
(Ronnie Janoff-Bulman)

When Bad Things Happen to Good People
(Rabbi Harold S. Kushner)

 Bereavement Risk Assessment
(Stephanie Sabar)

Five Tasks of Mourning
(Worden, Klass)

 Types of Mourning Customs and Rituals
(Stephanie Sabar)

 Ethical Wills
(Jack Reimer & Nathaniel Stampfer)

 Experiential Exercise
(Stephanie Sabar)
(personal bereavement and loss, continuing bond)

Experiential Exercise
(Dave Mann)
(ending a therapeutic relationship)